Recommended hardware for PPSSPP

PPSSPP is compatible with almost any recent Android phone, and almost any reasonably new controller for PC. This page lists some things that have been tested to work. More products will be added soon.

Android devices to run PPSSPP on

The Nvidia Shield is the king of gaming Android devices. Unfortunately it's not very future proof as it does not support OpenGL ES 3.0.

The Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 are good phones to run PPSSPP on, along with most major "flagship" phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S devices work pretty well.

Controllers for Android

  • Moga Controllers - Bluetooth controllers that connect to Android phones, for proper gaming controls.

Controllers for Windows

Any controller that is usable on Windows will work, those that support XInput will autoconfigure, too.

  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Razer Onza
  • Razer Onza Tournament Edition
  • Razer Sabertooth
  • Logitech F310
  • Logitech F710
  • Logitech F510
  • Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
  • PlayStation 3 Controller
  • PlayStation 4 controller
  • Xbox One controller
  • 12 button Sabrent controller
  • Steelseries 3GC